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Access HCI


Access HCI is a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that provides students with the top-rated health & wellness coaching educational materials, interactive skills lab, career resources and a caring community with like-minded coaches. 

[ Role ] This application was a result of massive collaboration with front-end developers, back-end developers, curriculum & product team, program instructors and platform administrators. The most challenging part for me as one of the only two designers in this project was taking on multi-responsibilities that included user experience, user interface, illustrations and interactions, but the positive feedbacks from users were always the best rewards.


Access HCI was 2.0 version of LMS. We initiated the overhauling project in 2018 and then spent two years to complete this mission impossible. What's new? Gamification (points, badges, milestones), fresh visual interface, powerful dashboard design that gathers all commonly used features, skills lab function that brings students together for real practices, and more!

James Barracca (design system),
Matt Harvey (development, system, strategy),
Kirill Zavrazhnov (development),
Lucas Seipp-Williams (learning strategy),
Jonathan Dege (learning strategy)



Badges are part of the gamification elements in this LMS platform for maximizing engagement to capture the interest of learners and inspire them to continue learning.

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