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HCI Pathway Program

Branding, Infographics, Learning Materials

Pathway Program is a course designed with the intention of training and preparing students for a successful and rewarding career as a Health & Wellness Coach (HWC). The course is built in accordance with the competencies laid out by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) to ensure that students receive an education that is not only robust, but also in alignment with current research trends, evidence-based practices, and recognized standards, including scope-of-practice.

[ Role ] Design creatives of this program included a variety of items, but the most important one was the two models: Empowered Well-Being Model and Reactive Distress Model, that served as the core idea throughout the course. 

Universe was used as the metaphor in the infographics. Dots formed lines, lines formed shapes, shapes formed the globe = the person. Stress was outside as meteorites. In the empowered well-being model, resiliency factor allowed for effective management of stressors and kept boundaries strong + inner well-being in tact; while in the reactive distress model, resiliency factor was not enough to keep boundaries in tact. "Atmosphere" got attacked by "meteorites" and thus the well-being started collapsing.

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